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The Peruvian Cavy (pronounced "cave - ee") is one of several breeds of long-haired guinea pigs.  The cavy fancy is closely aligned with the rabbit fancy and most cavy shows are held in conjunction with rabbit  shows.   Cavy breeds all have nearly identical conformational attributes but vary in coat.  The Peruvian is judged on conformation, color and coat - which should be dense and as long as possible.   The show career of a Peruvian is rather short - normally by 9 months their coat begins to lose density and they are no longer shown.   Female cavies ("sows") are normally bred by 6 months of age as they can have difficulty kindling (whelping) if much older - their hips and pelvis then become too rigid to pass the fully furred, open eyed young.  Coat care for Peruvians is quite time consuming - they are wrapped just like long-coated toy dogs and they must be groomed every day.   If upset, a cavy can ruin its coat for showing in a matter of minutes by chewing it - I've had them do that!  Nevertheless, in full coat a Peruvian is a stunner!


This black & white boar depicts a nearly full show coat - the show board is always 16" square.  This boar became a  grand champion with Best In Show wins.    above                  
This agouti & white sow demonstrates there truly is an animal under that "wig" of hair.   She illustrates very good head type and a compact body.     above
White Agouti Sow
Here is a black & white boar about four months of age - just starting to get his length.  This boar gained his grand championship with 3 Best in Show awards.     above
Another four month old, this one a white & agouti sow.  She was a Reserve Best in Show winner.   above
An impressive black & white sow bred and owned by the man from whom I bought my foundation stock - Leslie Mullins, Winsome Caviary.           above
I loved the roan color of this young "pig" - isn't it fantastic?  above
Ring Ready
Cavy shows are remarkably informal affairs - these pigs are sitting on their show boards waiting to be taken up to the ring.                                         above

The man in the pink t-shirt is the judge - cavies on their show boards which have been set about on every flat surface.   Leslie is fighting his way through the breed on his way to win his umpteenth Best in Show.   above

Owned by Jon Kimes, Barb Hoffman and Pixie Lauer

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