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Head Type


These pages began as a desire to provide some photographic illustrations
of what I believe are close approximations of my ideal in Cardigan Welsh Corgi
breed type.  I have not identified the examples because that is not the point, it is
the "vision" I am hoping to convey.  I am not attempting to provide a breed-wide
survey or equal time to other kennels or other points of view - this is strictly the vision I hold
with regard to breed excellence.  I suppose this is a replacement for the many hours
I spent with my main breed mentor, Norma Chandler, as I attempted to construct in my mind what
I thought an excellent example of the breed should be - one that would please
my aesthetic eye.  There are many roads to the goal of breeding top class dogs and this
represents only the road that I have taken.   I have used dogs here that I have bred or owned
because it is simply easier to do so.  There are certainly breed examples I consider equal to or
better than what I have represented that are the efforts of other breeders.

I have enjoyed the partnership of many breeders over the years and many who deserve credit
in helping to produce similar dogs and, in fact, many of the dogs represented here.  From
Norma Chandler my mentor and sometime breeding partner, to Barb Hoffman with whom I
co-bred for many years and many generations, to Helen Jones, to Connie Whan, to Gayle Garvin,
 to Cindy Bossi, to Vivian Moran, to Jane Crenshaw, to Pixie Lauer, to the Harrisons who
sold me my foundation bitch who was exactly the bloodline I wished to breed.   Due credit
must go to both the Joseter and Phi-Vestavia kennels who have made huge contributions
to not only the breed as a whole but to my breeding program in particular.

Particular thanks to Gayle Garvin and Paula O'Donnell who have listened to my
complaining that I suspect most breeders do not study the breed enough ...
which brought me to try to do something positive other than complain.  I hope other kennels
follow suit to share their vision in a way that can be easily communicated to those
who truly care about the art of breeding top class Cardigans.

- Jon Kimes