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Head Piece Study

Explanations of what I Look for in Cardigan Welsh Corgi head type - Jon Kimes

From the front, I want a smooth wedge, flat across the backskull between the ears. 
This dog has astounding ears - the width at base, size, set and rounding tips.
Soft, smooth muzzle, nice head width without cheekiness.
Only moderate sized eye but has lovely chiselling underneath giving the sweet expression desired.

This view shows the lovely rounded triangles which make up the ideal head piece.  Notice the chiselling under the eye and soft finish to the muzzle.


This sable bitch illustrates the nearly equilateral triangle I envision from top of skull at base of ear down to the deepest part of the jaw and then out to the nose.  You don't want a truly equilateral triangle but you do want depth of backskull such that you envision a wide triangle.  Notice the rather flat backskull and yet a noticeable depth of stop giving appropriate real estate for the rather large, chiselled eye which provides for a kind, sweet expression.  The muzzle is clearly 3 parts to the 5 parts from base of stop to the occiput.  The ideal triangle in profile will only exist if the muzzle to backskull proportion is correct, otherwise it will be too long and narrow in shape.


Here is the same sable bitch at 7 months.  The flatness across the ears is not quite present as she is not mature.  She has a soft, kind expression afforded by her soft muzzle, well spaced eyes with lovely chiselling underneath and pleasing earset giving an overall "open" look.


Another bitch illustrating the soft triangles, lovely depth of backskull, correct muzzle to backskull proportion, lovely earset and open eye.


Another head study illustrating the desired essentials from this angle.  The deep triangle resulting from depth of backskull and correct 3 to 5 muzzle to backskull proportion, nice sized kind eye with the required chiselling underneath gives her breed type.  No sharp, harsh lines yet the mix of relatively flat topskull parallel to the relatively flat topline of the muzzle, a nice finish to the muzzle, neither too refined nor coarse.  Although the stop is noticeable there is no rounding of the backskull sometimes seen in Pembrokes.  A shallow stop would not provide the real estate required for a large, chiselled eye.  Cardigans should have clean, straight profile planes.


A very sweet profile on this bitch puppy of about 7 months.  She is coated but never the less you can see the quality and elegant countenance.  Her stop is a little less ideal than the bitch above.


This black masked red dog illustrates a very specific characteristic I term, "quality."  It is indefinable but you know it when you see it.  Just that look of expensive parts.  It must be bred for and is only encountered in the best of bloodlines for it takes generations to develop.

Now let's look at some puppies

A puppy bitch at 3 weeks.  Already clearly you can see the softness yet fullness of the muzzle. 


Another 3 week puppy bitch with full, soft, gently tapering muzzle yet no coarseness whatsoever.


The above puppy bitch at 6 weeks.  Quality is apparent.  Large, sweet eye, beautiful earset and shape, soft muzzle showing the ideal width and finish at this age.  The skull between the ears is not flat but will become flat in maturity.  I've never had better at this age.


A lovely bitch puppy at 9 weeks.  Look for that triangle but top of skull to base of jaw and out to the nose - nearly an equilateral triangle.  Lovely stop.  A typey, feminine puppy.


A dog puppy about 3 months.  Beautiful essentials and clearly a boy yet this does not come from coarseness, rather masculinity.


The above dog puppy about 5 months.  You should now be able to easily see the typey qualities of his head piece.

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