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At Pluperfect & Merrymoon all our puppies are house raised and we spend a great deal of time with love and socialization, correct vaccination and worming protocols, and the best possible diet.  All our purchasers are required to sign contracts of responsibility.  We have recently opted to keep our breeding line exclusively under our management so all puppies not selected for our breeding program will be sold as personal pets.

* Pet Quality: Priced at $900 from Pluperfect (Jon) and $1,000 from Merrymoon (Barb), sold only on spay/neuter agreements.  It is our preference to meet prospective owners in person.  Puppies are not sold before 9 weeks.  Pet puppies are only sold to loving private homes where they will be kept as family members - not kept in a dog house in the back yard.  We require a fenced back yard or exercise on a lead at all times.  You must keep puppies under 1 year of age off of steps to avoid bone growth abnormalities.  We do not sell puppies as "children's projects" nor to families in which people have dog allergies or one member does not want a dog.  Buyers are carefully screened.

* Breeding Quality:  Inquire.

* Show Quality: Inquire.

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