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Jordie with owner Jann performing his service work
In the words of Jann, Jordie's owner, "I fasten the bandana around Jordie’s neck.  He seems to smile as we head out the door to go to work.
"Jordie is a therapy dog.  He visits seniors in adult foster care homes, many of whom suffer from Alzheimer’s.  Most are in their 90’s and are somewhat frail physically.
"Jordie is a perfect therapist.  He is quiet and patient, always the gentleman.  He approaches people with dignity and respect, his tail waving gently in greeting.  He never barks or jumps up on people but waits until invited.  For those who are too indisposed to reach down to pet him, he is happy to lie quietly on their beds, often placing his head in their laps.  When offered treats, he takes them so gently that people are astounded by his good manners.  He suffers himself to be somewhat roughly stroked by a blind woman who cannot see him but loves to pet him.  He patiently endures his ears being played with by a woman who loves his big ears more than any other part of him.  He is even a wonderful antidote for potential heart problems.  One of his clients has episodes of atrial fibrillation when she gets upset; Jordie’s presence calms her, thus averting the episodes so that she doesn’t need to take her emergency heart medication.
"A favorite cat mouse attached to a long stick provides for many laughs and tears of joy as Jordie races around like a clown, performing entertaining antics while he contorts himself into outrageous poses to catch the mouse.  He brings joy, peace, and miles of smiles to those he visits.
"At home, Jordie is quiet when I am tired or busy; he is ready to go at the drop of a hat.  His energy level is appropriate to whatever mood I’m in.  He loves to follow his nose and would make a great tracking dog.  He enjoys playing fetch and amazes and delights with his bursts of speed, running down the ball or toy with unbridled enthusiasm.  He could do many things, but we only have a limited amount of time so I have chosen to train him as a Reading Education Assistance dog.  He will be working with children with reading problems, helping them to overcome their insecurities in reading and speaking aloud.
"I’ve had dogs for 38 years.  I’ve been partial to German Shepherds, Rotties, Belgian Tervuren, and Malinois.  I’ve owned them all and loved them all—but there is nothing like a Cardigan.  They are a versatile, intelligent and comical breed, a big dog neatly enveloped in a short package.  There is nothing like being owned by a cardi!!  It is a privilege and a joy that I intend to continue to the end."  

Buster doing his service work
From Buster's owner, Kathy, "Here's my favorite photo of Buster. It shows him working at the St. James Nursing Home in Middletown, NJ. He visited there regularly for about a year and a half. He was especially good with the non-verbal patients who seemed to respond to his quiet energy. Buster then retired to become my elderly blind aunt's personal therapy dog which was a 24/7 job. He stayed with her most of the day and she would talk to him often. He was with her when she died and looked up to see her pass."

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